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英语资料一: 成人高考专升本

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        1. able ability enable capable be able to do能够做…

  have the ability to do 能够做,有能力做…:

  He has the ability to make very good boat.

  enable ** to do 使…能做…:

  Internet has enabled us to get information from all over the world.

  Be capable of 能够做…:He is capable of drawing oil painting.

  He is able to read and write in English.

  2. absent 反义词:present

  3. abroad 国外,海外:live ~ go ~

  Many young people are eager to go abroad to study.

  4. access:入口,途径;机会,权利。Have access to sth

  Citizens in the town all have access to the books in the local(当地的)library.

  5. absorb 吸收 be absorbed in 全神贯注于…

  All the students are absorbed in Professor's lecture on China's economy.

  6. accept 接受 receive 收到(不一定接受)

  She received a gift from him,but she didn't accept it.

  7. by accident=by chance 偶然地 on purpose 故意地

  8. according to 根据

  According to the article,environmental pollution has been taken under control.

  9. take…into account=take…into consideration 把…考虑在内

  I hope my teacher will take into account my illness when he grades our test paper.

  Account 描述

  She gave an account of what he saw in China.

  10. accuse ** of sth = charge ** with(for)sth 指责…做了…;指控…犯了…

  He was accused of robbing the bank and sentenced ten years in gail.

  His mother charged him with being lazy.

  11. be accustomed to = be used to 习惯于后接 sth 或 doing sth

  used to 过去有过去常常后接 do sth

  Mr. Smith is not used/accustomed to driving on the right.

  I'm already used to the life here.

  There used to be a house near the river.

  He used to get up while he was in the middle school.

  12. achieve 获得,达到

  You will achieve nothing if you waste your time this way.

  13. adapt=adjust 适应~ adopt 收养;采用

  You should adapt to college life as soon as possible.

  He adjusted himself very quickly to the weather in the country.

  14. add to 增添 add up to 总计达

  15. in addition(to)=besides 此外

  In order to master a foreign language,we should learn some grammar. In addition,we'd better learn some words.

  16. adequate=enough

  17. admit 承认

  He admitted him mistake at last.

  18. in advance 预先,提前

  You should inform(通知)me in advance if you are going to come.

  19. take advantage of = make use of 利用

  We can take advantage of computer to analyze data.

  A good habit in learning is to make full use of class time.

  20. affect(v.)effect(n.)influence(v&n)影响 effort 努力

  have an effect/influence on 对…有影响

  make an effort to do 或 make efforts to do

  The latest discovery in gene will have a great effect on the health of human beings.

  They made great efforts to find a new cure to lung cancer.

  21. afford(to do)sth买/花/用/支付得起

  It's hard to imagine how he can afford(to buy)a house on his small salary.

  22. be afraid of 担心,害怕

  23. at the age of

  24. agree with 同意

  agree on 同意(双方就…达成一致)

  agree to 同意(上级,父母对下级,晚辈允许…)

  The two countries have agreed on the date for next talk.

  My parents don't agree to my staying outside overnight.

  25. ahead of time 提前

  We finished our assignment ahead of time.

  26. by air=by plane by sea= by ship by bus/train on foot

  26. after all 毕竟 above all 首先(not…)at all一点(也不)all over

  28. allow/permit…to do… 允许…做…

  29. although/though but 连词不能同时用在句子中。

  As 连词倒装句

  in spite of/despite 介词不连接句子

  Although he was seriously ill,he went on with the experiment.

  Young as he is,he has already learned three foreign languages:English,French and Japanese.

  Although he is young,he has already learned three foreign languages:English,French and Japanese.

  In spite of/despite his illness,he went on with his experiment.

  30. be angry with ** be angry at sth

  31. apart from=besides除了…。之外,还有…。

  =except 除了…

  No one knows what happened except mr. Smith.

  He has a large collection of books besides CDs.

  32. apply(~for申请)应用

  He has successfully applied for a position(职位)in the company.

  33. appreciate 欣赏


  I really appreciate your coming to the party.类似动词有:

  enjoy,mind介意,avoid避免,escape逃避,can't help禁不住,risk冒险,need=want需要

  insist on 坚持

  My hair needs cutting.

  34. approve 赞成,批准

  35. argue with ** 与…争论

  36. arise~from rise arouse raise

  New problems will arise as the old ones have been solved.(出现)

  Are there any things arising from last meeting?(源于)

  His speech aroused little interest among the students.(引起,激起)

  The company has raised the prices of its products.(提高)

  The prices of goods rose day by day during the Spring Festival.(上升)

  37.Artificial人工的,假的~ flowers

  38. as for 至于 as to 关于,至于 as if/though 似乎,好象

  39. ask for 要求

  40. attach importance to 重视

  41. pay attention to重视catch one's attention引起…注意/重视

  42. available可得/买到的

  There is no ticket available.

  43.average平均on(the) ~

  44. be aware of = realize意识到be sure一定要,肯定

  He apologized to us for the mistake as soon as he was aware of it.

  Be sure not to be late for the meeting.

  I'm sure the play will be a great success.

  45. back up支持

  46. background背景

  47. base ~…on…把…建立在…基础之上

  His article is based on the research.

  48. bear忍受,容忍同义词:

  endure tolerate stand put up with

  She cannot bear to see the child in pains.

  49. do/try one's best

  He said he would try his best to carry out the plan.

  50. because连词:There will be no meeting because the manager will be on the vacation next week.

  because of介词:His wedding will be put off because of his father's death.

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