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英语资料二: 成人高考专升本

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        51. best make the ~ of很好地利用

  52. had better do最好You'd better finish reading the book in this week,since I'm going to return it to the library.

  would rather do宁愿I'd rather go there myself.

  53. beyond超出…

  The professor's lecture is beyond me/beyond my understanding (超出我的理解范围)。

  The apple on the tree is beyond my reach(够不着)。

  54. Both…and…两者都either…or…或者…或者…


  55. be bound to do注定…

  You're bound to succeed as long as(只要)you keep on trying.

  56. break into闯入break out爆发break through突破

  break up(关系等)破裂

  57. catch one's breath

  58. call off=cancel取消call on=visit拜访call for请求,号召

  The resident called for the people to fight against the invaders.

  59. care for关心,在乎take care保重take care of=look after照顾

  60. carry on继续carry out实施,执行

  They decided to carry out the plan despite the opposition.

  61. case事实,实情;箱子;案例;病例

  in case(of)以防,万一Take my umbrella in case it rains。

  In most cases在大多数情况下

  In no case决不in no way by no means

  62. catch up with赶上,保持一致keep up with keep pace with

  63. (be)in charge of 掌管,负责

  take charge of 掌管,负责

  charge…for… 开价,要价

  The short man there is in charge of our company.

  The hotel charges $100 for a double room.

  64. challenge 挑战

  65. change 零钱(n.)换零钱(v.)

  66. comfort v.& n安慰;舒适,舒服


  67. have…in common有共同之处

  Although they are twins they have little in common.

  68. communicate 传播,交流

  69. compare…to…把…比作…。


  Poets like comparing their lovers to red roses.

  Compared with brain,computer still has some shortcomings.

  70. complain of/about抱怨

  71. be made up of由…。组成be composed of consist of

  72. concentrate on集中注意力于be engaged in

  73. as far as…be concerned就…而言

  As far as wages are concerned,I'm very dissatisfied with the present job.


  74. contribute捐献contribute to有助于

  Computers will contribute many conveniences to our work.

  75. control out of control失去控制under ~在控制之下

  76. convenient方便,便利的

  77. convince使相信/信服convince…of…

  I'm convinced(=I believe)that where there is a will,there is a way.

  He was not convinced of his wife's guilty.

  78. cope with deal with handle处理,应付

  79. at the cost of以…为代价He saved the drown child at the cost of his own life.

  at the risk of冒着…危险…

  cost spend

  The overcoat cost him $200.

  He spent $200 on(in buying)the overcoat.

  80. count on depend on rely on依靠,依赖

  81. create创造

  82. custom习俗customs海关

  83. damage损坏(部分)destroy毁灭(全部)hurt伤害


  Our holiday was spoiled buy the bad weather.

  The earthquake has destroyed the city entirely.

  84. a good/great deal许多,大量

  85. degree学位程度=extent to some extent/degree在某种程度上

  86. demand order suggest propose insist等后that从句用虚拟语气(加动词原形)

  The general ordered that the bridge (should) be repaired before daybreak.


  He denied breaking the window.

  Women were denied the right to vote in the past in the U.S.

  88. in detail详细地

  He explained the question to us in ~.

  89. devote…。 To…致力于

  The scientist devoted the whole life to the study of chemistry.

  90. do away with废除get rid of摆脱除掉

  have…to do with与…有关

  It has nothing to do with what you are talking about.

  Do away with the law.

  He managed to get rid of the man followed him.

  91. drop in=drop by=visit

  92. due到期的The book will be due next week.


  What time will the next bus due?

  The next meeting is due to be held in three months'time.

  due to =because of=owing to因为,由于

  His promotion is due to his hard working.

  Due to the heavy rain,we have to give up the plan for the weekends.

  93. economic经济的economical节俭的

  94. effective有效的efficient效率高的

  95. else其它的something ~ somebody ~

  96. in the end最终(结果)at last最后(经过很长时间)

  I have finished the essay at last.

  We were thinking of going to England,but in the end we went to the USA.

  97. enjoy oneself=have a good time玩的开心help oneself随便

  98. establish=set up=found

  99. evident=obvious=apparent明显的显而易见的

  100. for example=for instance

  101. be exhausted=be tired out =be worn out筋疲力尽的

  102. exist存在

  103. expose暴露受影响

  Being exposed to the sun for some time can do good to your health.

  Many of today's teenagers have been exposed too much to violence and sex.

  104. face up to(勇敢)面对be faced with面临encounter面临

  105. in fact as a matter as a fact实际上事实上

  106. be familiar with

  107. by far非常,最(修饰比较级和最高级)so far迄今为止(完成时态)

  far from 远非(否定)

  In my opinion,he is by far the most suitable one for the job.

  He sent out a letter to apply for the job,but has received no answer so far.

  My English is far from perfect.

  108. fare交通费fee费用tuition学费

  109. favor do ** a favor帮…个忙in favor of赞成

  I'm in favor of his suggestion that a power plant(电厂)be built.

  Would you do me a favor to carry the box upstairs?

  110. feel like doing sth would like to do sth喜欢/想做…。

  111. field田野,领域

  112. fill in填写be filled with充满

  Would you like to fill in your address and telephone here?

  113. fine罚款


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